Press Release

12th January 2011

This week a group of parents and children from around Somerset will notify Somerset County Council of their intention to commence legal action into decisions made about the ongoing Library Services Review.

The group will first seek clarification about a recent decision made by Councillor Christine Lawrence and will set out why they consider that Somerset will face both Judicial Review and a costly Public Inquiry into whether the County Council are in breach of their statutory duty to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service, if the Council act based on the decision in question. If a satisfactorary reply is not forthcoming from the Council legal action will start.

For the group Steve Ross, from Wiveliscombe said “Under the rules for Judicial Review and to avoid unnecessary legal costs we need to clarify the exact nature of the issues we want addressed with Somerset County Council. The information available to the public is unclear. We will explain our position and wait for their reply. While we are waiting we will be asking for a legal undertaking that the current library consultation will be suspended and that no further decisions on the future of the library service will be made by the Cabinet or Council until the legality of the position is clarified”.

“It would be a shocking waste of taxpayers money for the Council to rely on decisions made and then have to start again because those decisions were found to be unreasonable by a Judge. We hope our action will save Somerset time and money in the long run by providing the Council with an opportunity to stop and reflect on decisions made as well as to consider available alternatives”.

“The one thing Somerset really can’t afford now is wasteful mistakes from it’s decision makers”.


Contact Steve Ross 01984 624818.

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