Mass book-out in Wiveliscombe

Friday afternoon saw another lively protest against the cutbacks to the library service in Wiveliscombe. A mass book-out, initiated by Kate Burrows and Friends of Wiveliscombe library, took place between 3 and 5pm. One campaigner, Jo Popp was dressed as a bag lady character in charge of a shopping trolley containing books, labelled ‘Wiveliscombe mobile library ‘ to represent the future of libraries in Somerset. Kate, armed with a megaphone and good humour personally addressed everyone passing by in the town, persuading those in doubt that they really should support our libraries.

Watch news coverage of today’s book out and an update about Save Somerset Libraries campaign, including possible legal action, watch tonight’s ITV’s Westcountry Tonight .

Save out Library campaigners, Wiveliscombe 28th Jan 2011

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