Final Petition Total – and a BIG THANK YOU!

24,926 signatures!

Facts and Figures

  • Somerset’s residents have collected an amazing 24,926 signatures
  • In just 61 days of campaigning
    24,055 signatures were collected on paper, with Somerset’s residents sending in 1,189 sheets. 871 were collected online.
  • All 34 Somerset Libraries and 6 Mobile Libraries took part
  • Campaigners stood outside Somerset’s Libraries in snow, cold, rain and sun to collect signatures
  • Read-ins increased awareness and campaign groups were formed
  • Door to door petition collections were made all across Somerset
  • Authors from Somerset and beyond joined the campaign
  • A four year old boy from Frome collected in the cold with his Mum outside Sainsbury’s for 1 ½ hours and provided us with an amazing 156 signatures. His eight year old brother wrote a letter for his school newsletter and collected even more!
  • Pupils, teachers and parents from Somerset schools rallied to the cause
  • Somerset’s hospitals became petition collection points
  • Somerset’s dentists and doctors surgeries signed up
  • Somerset’s post offices sent in huge numbers of signatures
  • Somerset’s charity shops and community offices signed up
  • Butchers and bakers across Somerset invited their customers to sign
  • Somerset’s clubs and societies including the Women’s Institute, Taunton Caledonian society and a tap class collected signatures
  • Hairdressers and health food shops throughout Somerset took part
  • Coffee shops and cafes asked their customers to sign the petition
  • Somerset’s community centres and nurseries took part
  • Newsagents and pharmacies joined in the Somerset petition
  • Somerset’s opticians collected signatures
  • Hardware store customers and book groups were supporters
  • Supermarkets were a popular collection point with branches of Asda, Co-op, Costcutter, Morrison, Sainsbury, Spar and Tesco welcoming campaigners to collect signatures across Somerset
  • Somerset’s churches and faith groups collected signatures
  • Library staff in Somerset collected signatures during their lunch hours and days off
  • At Somerset County Council library consultation meetings signatures were collected
  • Somerset’s town councils joined the campaign and Watchet town council wardens went door to door to collect signatures
  • Trade unions in Somerset showed solidarity and support

‘We, the 24,926, petition the council to hold an urgent, open and transparent review of the plans and justification of the proposed 25% cut to the library budget. We object to the disproportionate loss of 60% of Somerset’s Library Service’

Save Somerset’s Libraries

would like to thank all the residents of

Somerset who pulled together to campaign

We salute and thank you

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